Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What Benefits Could my Students Gain From Visiting the Santa Ana Zoo?

Gueese at the Santa Ana Zoo farm.
A rhea searching for food.

The Santa Ana Zoo offers an excellent opportunity for students of all ages to benefit in many educational ways. The zoo is the perfect oudoors classroom for life and Earth sciences. At the zoo, kindergardeners can observe, rather than just learn about from pictures and books in the classroom, the differences and similarities between various animals and plants. The Science Content Standards for California Public Schools require that students in the first grade know that different plants and animals inhabit different kinds of environments. With its great variety of animals and habitats, the zoo can also be used to plan lessons around this concept and help students fully understand it. Overall, students will have the maximum learning experience as they pet and feed animals at the farm, walk through a jungle of monkeys, and explore an amazon of exotic birds. These are only a few ways in which students will benefit from this fieldtrip.

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  1. By bringing students to the Santa Ana Zoo, you bring the idea that students can learn science not just in the classroom but while playing and feeding animals. By taking the students to the zoo, we teach science to students without the messy classroom.